About me

Welcome to my website!

My name is Attila Vas and I’ve been creating guitars for six years now. The guitars are handcrafted solely by me on a small scale, only a few per year. That’s to ensure the highest possible quality of the final piece, after all it is me who meticulously pays attention to every detail, every step of the way. I primarily create nylon-stringed classical guitars with both traditional and self-designed rib construction with 7 or 8 ribs, as well as modern Lattice with a checkered ribbed system.

I make my guitars, as previously stated, with utter love and passion. Every instrument I create has its own character, its own personality, its own timbre. Choosing the right materials for the instrument is yet another step of the process that devote my full attention and expertise to. Again, that along with all the other details which make the final product is for me to be absolutely sure that the instruments that leave my hands are nothing short of perfect. However, being ”perfect” is a broad concept. Perfect in my world is the guitar’s playability, dynamics, sustain, an excellent craftsmanship and finally a tonal guitar with even, equally strong notes.

I create my guitars by hand with traditional tools and, naturally, even all the embellishments are designed and made by me. What drives me in my work is, above all, love for the guitar, love for wood as a raw material and, finally, love for creation.

The materials I use are of the best quality. For sides and back, I like to use maple or Madagascar, Indian rosewood, but I also have made guitars with other types of wood such as walnut, cherry, padouk, pear and ash with great results. As for the top material I use first-class alpine spruce or Canadian cedar and for the neck mahogany or Spanish cedar. I French polish all my instruments which is a time-consuming process and often takes approx. 1.5-2 months. I equip my guitars with tuning screws from Schaller, Perona, Gotoh or Rubner.

Whenever I’ve put the finishing touches to one of my guitars, I experience a wonderful feeling, incomparable to any other. A feeling accompanied by fulfillment and caused by holding, after countless hours of work, a living instrument in my hands. Such feelings are exceptionally important, they give wings, wings to a relentless pursuit of the perfect sound.