IMG_2024My name is Attila Vas. I live in Gällö, Sweden with my family, my wife and two daughters. I never thought I’d be in the art of making musical instruments. By profession I’m an art and religion teacher. I’ve been interested in art since the age of 15. It was also around that time when I started to play the guitar. Today I’m 43 years.

I’ve spent many years painting, had many exhibitions here in Sweden. A couple of  years ago I bought a classical guitar, unfortunately, I was disappointed with its sound. That is why I thought I’d make my own guitar myself. Consequently, brushes, canvases and colors got replaced with different planes, chisels and wooden materials. At that time, I read a lot about guitar craftsmanship, techniques from various professionals as well as instrument manufacturers. I had to acquire a lot of different tools, wood and make molds for instrument manufacturing, which were absolutely necessary. The preparatory work took a great deal of time. Currently I’m working on several guitars at the same time.

I’m quite meticulous in making sure that the wood which I use for my guitars is of best quality. The neck of my guitars is made of mahogany (African and American), cedar or Dibetou (African Walnut). For the back and sides I have a few different kinds of wood, such as wenge, cherry, ovangkol, ash, ziricote, santos rosewood, maple and walnut.IMG_4852

I want the instrument that I’ve made to be absolutely perfect, but to be ”perfect” is a broad concept. Perfect in my world is the guitar’s playability, dynamics, sustain and sound.

It is a wonderful feeling that comes when I’m finally, after many days working with pieces of wood and wooden panels, holding a living instrument in my hands. Such experiences are tremendously important, as they give me wings. Wings to a ceaseless quest for the perfect sound.

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